5 Best Ways on how to deal with family members that disrespect you

You don’t have to stay awake all night thinking about how to deal with family members that disrespect you.

However, we should keep in mind that tough and rude people exist everywhere. As much as it is in our power,

Our goal should be to learn how to live peacefully with other people and build positive connections.

This is the reason wisdom and patience are crucial when dealing with unhealthy family relationships. Acting on impulse makes us immature.

If you’ve been dealing with a disrespectful family member for a long time, the first thing to do is to ask yourself some tough questions.

“Did you both have any outstanding difficulties that you’re not aware of?”

If they’re your cousins, are your parents on good terms with theirs?

Have you ever said anything hurtful behind their back and you didn’t know he/she heard all about it?

Is there an unpaid debt that you’ve refused to refund that you might feel justified not repaying?

Answering these questions will assist you in making sound decisions before writing anyone off.

What to do if your family member insults you?

Every insult must have a root cause. If a nasty remark was made about your weight, or your outfit and you know what is been said isn’t thorough please just overlook it.

I have discovered that hurt people hurt other people. If you’re dealing with a jealous family member, keep succeeding, and don’t stop.

If that family member is known for always making silly remarks, don’t take it to heart. That is why we all need to ask God for wisdom especially when dealing with difficult people.

Anybody can say what they want to say but I get to choose how I react to it.

You don’t want to be the one acting out of character because you are triggered by someone who is immature.

How to deal with family members that disrespect you

How do you deal with a nasty family member?

Everybody’s situation is different and I don’t know what issues you both might have had in the past.

If you are dealing with jealous family members, then keep excelling at what you do, and don’t stop. If your success is a threat to anybody is because such a person has low self-esteem.

I must add that please you shouldn’t rub your success on anybody’s face nor should you only want to talk about your achievements without asking about how others are doing and mean it.

Nobody likes that please be genuinely interested in other people well being because a time will come when you’ll also need other people to have your back in your lowest season.

What do you say to a rude family member?

It is not every fight you should fight and it is not everything you give a reply to because it is a sign of immaturity please overlook it.

I know you must have tolerated the person enough but what has worked for me is asking God for wisdom before speaking to the person especially if it is somebody you see or work with every day.

Another thing to do is to seek Godly counsel from someone you trust not because you want to be right but because you want to see to it that whatever the issue it is resolved.

Before you think of doing a clap back ask God to give you wisdom. As humans, we are all flawed in one way or the other.

How to Build A Relationship with God

How do you treat someone who disrespects you?

You can’t always run from family gatherings just to get away from family members that disrespect you.

The reality is we will at some point in life be faced with other challenges and we can’t keep running from them.

This is how to deal with annoying family members.

1. Don’t join others to drag them.

If you want respect, then you have to respect yourself first. Don’t tarnish their image or join in the conversation that tarnishes the images of the other members of the family.

If you’re dealing with inconsiderate family members and you’re living together, don’t turn the issue into a corporate family devotional prayer.

You are only shooting yourself in the foot and you’ll only going to make that person disrespect you the more. You’ll reap what you sow!

2. Stop trying to make them intentionally jealous. (That’s childish)

Starting any conversation about your achievement just to make them jealous is setting up yourself for more troubles to come.

Who are you when all your accolades are stripped from you? Think about that!

3. Kindly state what you stand for without raising your voice.

You can show what you stand for through your behavior without breaking a sweat. If certain practices are against your moral compass, why attend?

Don’t be easily swayed. That’s why praying to God for help is still 100% the way to go. Let your yes be yes and your No is No.

4. Know what conversations are off-limits during family time.

Sometimes, low self-esteem can make us share things that are off-limits. People’s opinions about us should never be our compass.

5. Know yourself and your triggers.

Have a conversation with yourself and write out your triggers and work on them as you navigate life.

Be willing to practice forgiveness on a daily basis. The important area of any nation starts with the family.

If the family is right the nation will also be a better place.

Please let me know in the comment below how you handle family members that disrespect you.

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