Two weeks ago, I had the opportunity to speak to some teenagers about how to deal with peer pressure.

I calmly listened to their personal pain areas of sex urges, keeping with social media trends, dealing with the opposite sex, and bullying.

I discovered that the struggles in my time and now are similar. The only difference now is the problem with social media.

Like my peers, I wanted to be in a relationship because at the time that was the only way to know if you were desirable or at the least beautiful.

Valentine’s Day was always depressing and competitive since no one wanted to offer a cheesy present.

I saw people offer gifts that they would never buy for themselves on a good day.

In high school, I saw love as a feeling, and all a girl needed was a gorgeous guy who would 

Shower me with gifts, send me love notes, and speak to me in a low tone that would make my knees tremble. lol! 🤣🤣

In retrospect, it was simply an infatuation. C’mon, I didn’t know that was one of the challenges of adolescence.

Peer pressure, on the other hand, arises from the undue stress we put on ourselves in order to be noticed and accepted by others who aren’t thinking about us.

How can peer pressure be avoided?

“Do you know who you are?” is my question to you.

If your identity is built on your fame, money, friends, followers on social media, other people’s opinions, and family ties, you will be disappointed.

The best gift you can give to yourself is God. The gift of knowing your creator and the undying love He has for you and me.

If I knew how important this was back in the day, it would have saved me the stress and pressure in high school.

God loves us so much that he gave us everything that we would ever need before forming us in our mother’s womb.

Our identity is not found in things or people but in God the creator of all things in heaven and Earth. Accepting his gift of salvation changes everything.

The Holy Spirit renews your thinking through the study of God’s word {Bible}, allowing you to see yourself as God sees you.

Not through the lens of rejection, failure, low self-esteem, other people’s perception, or the pain you’re going through.

Why should I seek the praise of others who are flawed like me when I have all this love at my disposal? whose feelings change according to what I have to offer.

God also knows everything there is to know about me and provides for my needs before I ask.

How to Build A Relationship with God

You and I are the sons and daughters of the King of Kings. If we refuse to acknowledge that fact,  we will fall prey to a variety of deceptions.

What are 5 ways to stand up to peer pressure?

1. Have a relationship with God

This isn’t some Jesus stuff; every man has a void that money and others can’t fill, but only God can.

We feel dissatisfied when we try to use that space for something else. There’s no other way to say it.

How to Build A Relationship with God

2. Be content

Hungry Food Baby GIF by Boomerang Official

A lack of contentment can drive you to become a puppet for your peers. You’re constantly under pressure to do things you don’t want to do.

That’s why it is easier to succumb to the pressure of shoplifting or cyber theft just to feel in the know. The clique you’re eager to join only looks dope on the outside and is a scam.

Cliques come and go, and a few years later, it would not matter if you were among the elite in school or not.

You never know what life holds for everyone because the same people who mock you today might one day become your employees. Be patient with yourself!

3. Speak up

Violence Against Women No GIF by UN Women

Please🙏, if anyone is pressuring you to do something you don’t want to do, just say “NO”. You don’t owe anybody an explanation for your decision.

Keep company with the wise and you will become wise. If you make friends with stupid people, you will be ruined.

Proverbs 13:20 GNT

I would rather endure a taunt than blame myself years later for not standing up for what was right.

You will not be liked by everybody and vice versa that is okay.

Stop condoning silly things. Remember, you are the child of a king. If you’re always hanging out with someone who likes fondling your body, likes filthy conversations, and other mischievous things,

You’re setting yourself up for a lifetime of regret and pain. Don’t allow anyone to bully you into entering into a relationship or buying expensive things you can barely afford. There is time for everything. 

4. Discover your purpose

Find out what you were created to do and get right to it. You can only find your purpose from the one who made you and that is God.

What do you enjoy doing so much that you don’t have any trouble with it? Instead of being worried about what people think or are saying about you, develop your self-confidence and capacity.

5. Choose friends who share your values

Just because someone looks nice doesn’t make them a good individual. Some people just want to be your friend because of what they might stand to gain.

I recall the story of Ammon and Jonadab, two cousins and pals. Because of his friendship with Jonadab, Ammon died. Ammon’s companion devised a scheme for him to rape his half-sister Tamar.

Absalom, Tamar’s brother, killed Ammon two years later for defiling his sister. Jonadab was one of the people who informed Ammon’s father that Absalom had been planning this for quite some time. He didn’t say anything about being a part of the problem.

Jonadab thought scheming such a plan would put him in the favor of Ammon when he someday becomes a king like his father David.

How to make friends at school

If fear is the driving factor in what you do, then it is dangerous. If you’re bullied in school, know that the bully doesn’t feel good about themselves, which is why they want to drag everyone down with them.

Speak with your parents about your challenges or someone you can trust, like a therapist or school counselor. You are the child of the king of kings, and He loves you.

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