9 Incredible Christian Books On Dating That Will Transform Your Relationship

These are the best Christian books on dating that everyone should read before starting any serious relationship.

Relationships have the power to make or break us, depending on the people involved. That is why we must pursue Christ-centered dating, that will help us reach our God-given purpose

Because of the myth surrounding dating and marriage and how our society gives more preference to anyone who is married or in a relationship,

I’ll start by debunking the myth about being single to help us fully understand what the Bible says about dating before moving on to Christian dating books. The first book on my list is:

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1. Keys For Living Single by Dr.Myles Monroe

Keys for Living Single by Myles Monroe

Late Dr. Myles Monroe clearly explains from scripture God’s Biblical view on singleness. The term singleness is frequently associated with loneliness and misery.

The author, Dr. Myles Monroe, makes it abundantly clear that if we enter a relationship looking for someone to complete us, we will be unhappy for the rest of our lives, which is why I chose this book.

God never made incomplete people; rather, He made complete people in his likeness with different tasks to accomplish individually.

This book will free a lot of people from guilt and ungodly expectations that will be placed upon them.

This is a must-read for anyone who wants a renewed perspective on singleness according to God’s standards.

Not to give too much info from the book another point of emphasis is the importance of purpose discovery before marriage which can only be found in Christ.

How to Build A Relationship with God

Christian books on dating

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2. Singles with a Difference by Pastor Faith Oyedepo

Singles with a difference

This book breaks down the various aspects a single person needs to develop before marriage.

Nothing changes at the marriage altar that is why we must constantly ask the Holy Spirit to work on us so that we don’t become a liability to our partners

One of the harms we cause ourselves when we are single is not being adequately prepared for the future we want.

This book focuses on dealing with money, family, society, and peer pressure. The level of planning we need to do before getting married will determine how happy and fulfilling our marriage will be.

3. Wholeness by Toure Roberts

International thought leader and pastor Toure Roberts, explains how to remove the invisible barriers that keep us from reaching God’s best.

We all come from different families and have had different experiences, and our journey through life has left scars that,

If not addressed before bringing other people into our lives, it will leave us scarred for life.

Can cause us to fail to give our all to whatever God has called us to do. I strongly advise everyone to read this book if they truly desire wholeness.

Now that we’ve learned how to be single and happy, let’s move on to succeeding in the dating phase.

Christian dating books

4. Secrets of an Irresistible Woman by Michelle McKinney Hammond 

The book cover secrets of an irresistible Woman by Michelle Mckinney Hammond

The author discusses the pitfalls to avoid in a relationship using her personal experience and biblical principles.

She discusses the issue of submission and how it should be done the way God intended.

Especially for women who go into a romantic relationship with a distorted view of submission.

The advice given in the book is from a Biblical perspective that differs from what is typically accepted in popular culture today. 

In one of the chapters of the book, Michelle explains how to deal with the spirit of lust. If you meet a guy in a mall for the first time, 

Instead of harming yourself by daydreaming about how good you guys will be together, or stalking his every move on social media.

It’s best to leave the idea at the mall and move on with your life. God is the ideal matchmaker, and if he wants the two of you to be together, he knows how to make it happen without your assistance.

This self-help relationship book has other great tips that can help you begin and succeed in dating.

My third choice for the top Christian book on dating is one that I adore and would enthusiastically suggest at any time.

5. 7 Questions Wise Women Ask by Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo

7 Questions Wise Women Ask by Kingsley Okonkwo

As a marriage counselor for over 20 years, Pastor Kingsley highlights some of the questions a woman is supposed to ask in a relationship.

The first question to ask a guy who says, “I want to marry you,” is “Why me, and when do you want to tie the knot?” Because marriage can mean different things to different people.

Some men only desire marriage because they are bored, feel pressure from their friends, or simply desire a good cook. But we know marriage is much more than that.

Another question a wise woman should also ask is are we compatible? Not sexually but mentally and spiritually. 

These are only a few of the seven questions a woman must ask before she is deeply emotionally invested in that relationship.

If you read and follow the steps in this book you can be assured 100% that you won’t be crying over a heartbreak or a broken marriage.

6. How to Know if he/she Really Loves you by Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo

A book titled How to know if he/she really loves you by Kingsley Okonkwo

Just because we feel butterflies in our tummies towards a guy doesn’t make it real love. Some people have made mistakes as a result of “love at first sight.”

A fake and real love ❤️ always look the same at the initial stage but fails with time. 

People put on their best behavior when dating or being courted, so it is better to know whether the relationship is in its right state or not.

This book is in two parts. One for the male and the other side for the female. If you’re still in doubt that the person you are dating loves you, this book is the perfect guide that will give you clarity with references from the Bible.

7. Relationship Goals by Pastor Mike Todd

A book titled Relationship Goals by Mike Todd

Anyone who knows Pastor Mike and Pastor Ashley Todd knows they like to tell it as it is.

The book Relationship Goals was born out of the mistakes he made trying to figure out what God’s original plan about relationships was.

According to Pastor Mike, the only relationship advice he got in the church was “don’t have sex until you are married” without the practical steps on how to deal with sexual temptation later in life.

This book uncovers how dating should be done according to God’s standards for relationships.

The book also highlights God’s ideas about sex, and how to break soul ties formed during premarital sex.

It is wonderful that it prepares singles for marriage. It outlines the variations in needs between men and women.

This is a great book if you hope to get married and have a great married life.

8. Dating: A Biblical Guide by Faith Oyedepo

Her solid, biblical teachings on marriage, singleness, and life are wonderful. Having been happily married for 40 years, she knows how challenging Christian dating can be.

In this book, Pastor Faith Oyedepo breaks down scripturally how to do dating the right way.

Even if the word “dating” wasn’t mentioned in the Bible, dating is the time to build friendships and learn how a relationship with the opposite sex works.

The book provides answers to issues that are frequently underexamined and sparsely covered in some churches. Some of these questions include:

Who can I date?

What age is appropriate for dating?

Can we move in together? 

How do I choose who to marry, especially when I have a lot of potential partners? etc To avoid letting the cat out of the bag, you will have to read it to find out everything.

9. Boundaries in Dating by Dr. Henry Cloud & Dr. John Townsend

Is dating biblical, dead, or should we say goodbye to it? These are some of the questions addressed in this book.

The reason some people shy away from dating is that they don’t know the role of dating and their roles and they are not properly guided.

Dating is not for mating but for collecting data.

Michelle Mckinney Hammond

Boundaries in this context aren’t just about bodily harm, but not losing your uniqueness and who God has called you to be in this world.

This book, which has a 5-star rating, debunks the myths surrounding dating as well as the roles that people play.

Your library this year needs to include this self-help book on relationships.

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