How to Get over your crush

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Learning how to get over a crush doesn’t have to be hard.

First, there’s nothing weird about having a crush on a guy or someone beyond your reach.

It’s all part of maturing as a girl. But there are things to be said on how to stop crushing on a guy.

If you currently have a crush on a male BFF, it might shock you to know that

He only thinks of you as a sister and nothing more. But you are all up in his face,

Thinking about how perfect your lives will be together.

Just so you know, dressing a certain way, changing your accent, stalking him on social media, or being nice

To his friends isn’t going to stop him from finding someone 

He is genuinely interested in and I’m sorry to say it’s not You. Wake up!

This has nothing to do with hurting yourself worth

It’s just the way things are.

As women, we have the gift of fantasy. Remember, the movies we watched as kids.

Cinderella got saved by a flawless prince(not a goat🤣)

Sleeping Beauty was rescued by a prince in her enchanted castle.

Note that the princes in these movies were without flaws. That is why you see your crush the same way.

Look at the situation closely and you would discover that 

you are attracted to him because he laughs at your jokes,

He seems intelligent, has a beautiful smile and everyone seems to love him. 

And this makes it hard for you to let go. You might also say, 

“Hannah I think he loves me but he won’t admit it.”

No sis, it is only an infatuation and it’s time to get over your crush.



How to get over your crush

 The reason you can’t forget your crush is that you still stalk him on social media.

 And you’re angry each time you see him around other females.

You go out of your way to investigate if the girl is dating him. Or what her marital status is on Facebook. lol

This makes you have sleepless nights leaving a gaping hole in your heart that needs fixing.

The second reason why you can’t forget your crush is your refusal to acknowledge

That he doesn’t want a relationship with you but you’re determined to make it work.

The next reason could be that you still have something of his(picture, sweatshirt, perfume, etc)

that reminds you about him. That’s why?


a girl in deep thought

1. Get to know him:

How does he treat other people?

Especially members of his family. What are his weaknesses? 

Have you worked together with him to attest to his integrity?

How does he handle his bad days? How does he react when he is offended or loses a game?

Hope you don’t think fighting and punching his friends after a game is manly and sexy.

If all you see is the good stuff then there’s a problem. 

I know nobody is perfect but all these areas are important to consider. 

Oftentimes, when we have a crush we ignore the red flags in the name of love.

People are much more than what you see on the surface. Ask God(yes please) to reveal His heart to you. 

One more thing, what about his breath? Does he have a body odour? How about when he takes off his shoes. Just saying.🤔🤔

2. Stop Telling the Whole World about him:

If every discussion begins and ends with him, then it will be difficult to let go.

Stop trying to convince your friends that you were meant to be together.

3. Let him meet your parents or mentors:

“Hannah, are you for real?” Yes, dear!

You need other people who can see things objectively and tell you the truth about your crush’s character.

You are the one in love, not them( Not being sarcastic) 

There is an African proverb that says “what an elder sees sitting, even when you climb the tallest of trees, you can’t see it.” 🌴

You have to be honest with yourself. Do you want the truth or heartbreak?

4. Ask God for help:

Don’t lean on your understanding.

If you want to get over your crush, God needs to help you 

 First, God has to restore your heart because of the emotional investment you’ve made on this crush.

Believe me, the relationship was real to you. So your self-worth needs to be built again.

You need to get to that place where you know that you are valuable to God 

And there’s a beautiful future with your name on it.

So pray and tell God to take over the situation. Yes please, talk to your heavenly Father He loves you.

I guarantee you will be blown away by the amazing results.

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5. Free them:

Delete his picture, keep him out of your bed(stop daydreaming)

If you’re in college and you think you belong together, God knows when and how to bring you guys together. Don’t force it


1. Mourn:

It’s okay to cry. Take time to mourn the relationship and give yourself time to heal.

The thought of him won’t just evacuate into thin air. You will need time to heal.

 I’m giving you my virtual hug as well.

2. Speak to a counselor:

If you need therapy, go get it. Speak to a trusted counselor and he/she would be glad

To walk hand in hand with you until you get over the situation.

3. Move On:

Don’t put your life on hold because of a guy. It’s not worth it.

Imagine if our whole lives depended on a male crush we wouldn’t be alive. 

Once again, please, be patient with yourself getting over a crush doesn’t happen overnight.

3. Look out for the triggers and prevent them:

This is not the time to watch sad Rom-Coms and listen to sad love songs.

You’re only hurting yourself. If you can go on vacation, do it. Don’t just sit around and be sad.

4. Redirect your energy:

I’m sure there are dreams or goals you have laid out for your life. Go out and pursue it. 

What sport do you enjoy? What are your hobbies? Get on with it. Life is too short

If today was the last day on earth, how would you spend it?

5. Close the gap:

There is a space in every human life that only God can fill.

This vacuum can only be filled by finding your identity in Christ, beginning your relationship with Him, and studying the Bible because it works.

  1. Get an accountability partner or partners: These could be your siblings or someone you trust who would keep you in check or call you out (not on social media) when your emotions are getting the best of you. 

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Don’t beat yourself up for having a crush. I know it can be lonely sometimes.

It happens to the best of us, but we overcame it. You are beautiful, strong, and intelligent. 

God’s got you.

Download this free checklist that is guaranteed to help you when you have a crush 👇👇👇

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