5 Timeless Lessons from the Easter Story That Still Resonate Today

Did you know that there are many profound lessons from Easter that we unknowingly overlook? Ever wondered what Easter is all about beyond the bunny and egg hunt?

Let’s break it down into simple bits and explore the cool lessons from Easter so that we can learn the message that’s hidden behind the celebration.

What Easter Teaches Us?

Easter’s Surrender Lesson:

I often wonder if I would ever give up my child for any reason, no matter how legitimate it sounds. God, on the other hand, knew that sending His son Jesus to take our place in judgement was the only way he could redeem us.

The only reason we enjoy God’s grace is because of Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross of Calvary. Whew! That should never be underestimated. Think of Easter like a big garden. Jesus, the main character in this story, showed us that it’s okay to let go sometimes.

Surrendering, in this case, is like planting a seed and letting it grow into a beautiful flower. It is not about giving up, but rather about letting good things happen naturally.

What Is the Moral Story of Easter?

The Resurrection: A Tale of Endings and Beginnings:

Easter is like a two-part story. The first part is sad because Jesus faces tough times, but the second part is super cool!

It is like when your favourite character from a movie reappears stronger than ever. Satan thought that orchestrating the death of Jesus Christ was going to stop God’s plan.

But he had no idea that his plot would lead to humanity’s liberation from his grasp and that every authority he had taken from Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden would be taken away forever.

That is why we have faith that whatever we ask in Jesus’ name will be done for us, no matter how long it takes.

Easter teaches us that even when things seem sad, there’s always a chance for something awesome to happen—a bit like a happy ending.

Believe in the Unseen:

After Jesus said goodbye after completing His work on Earth, his disciples felt sad, but something amazing happened. Jesus had to go so that we could have the Holy Spirit with us at all times.

Jesus could not be everywhere at the same time during his time on Earth, but the Holy Spirit can, and He is sent to guide and teach us in all things.

I mean, teach all things that pertain to life and godliness. Easter teaches us to believe in good things, even if we can’t see them immediately.

How to Build A Relationship with God

What Value Do We Learn From Easter?

Easter’s Value of Compassion

Think of Easter as a big heart that loves everyone. Jesus was not required to die, but He did. Another lesson from Easter is learning to accommodate other people’s weaknesses.

Some people will never believe that Jesus is real, but God will still love them. Easter reminds us to be like superheroes of kindness, sharing love and hugs. So, let’s spread kindness like sprinkles on cupcakes!

What Is the Powerful Message of Easter?

Easter’s Message of Unconditional Love:

Did you know that if you were the only person on Earth who needed redemption from sin, Jesus would die for you no matter the cost? That shows us how amazing the love of God is.

Easter is like a giant “I love you” card. Jesus did something super special because he loved everyone so much. No one can love us the way God loves us. Easter teaches us that love is powerful—it can even make sad things happy again.

Resurrection as a Metaphor for Personal Growth:

Easter is like a surprise gift inside a box. It tells us that even when things are tough, we can grow and become better, just like flowers in a garden.

If God did not abandon us, we must not abandon ourselves either. Thankfully, we were not created to do life alone because we always have the Holy Spirit on our side.

So, my awesome friends, Easter is like a big celebration of love, kindness, and new beginnings. It’s a special time to hug your family, share smiles,

and remember that even when things are tricky, something wonderful might be just around the corner. Happy Easter, and let’s spread love and joy like confetti! 🌸🐰💖

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