How To Trust God In Difficult Times [5 Remarkable Steps ]

In this blog post, you will learn 5 remarkable ways on how to trust in God in difficult times ( step by step) Whether you are a new believer or someone who is maturing in your walk with God, these are the life-changing tips to help you walk through difficult times in life.
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Trusting God in difficult times has been one of the many lessons I have learned the hard way. (I mean many many times)

I wish I could tell you that being a child of God will make all your problems go away but that’s only a fantasy.

Difficult times come as an opportunity for us to know God in a new way. It is also an opportunity for us to grow into maturity, both in words and deeds.

How Do We Trust God in Difficult Times?

1.1 Ask the Holyspirit for Help

The Holy Spirit is not some Bible story character. He was there from the beginning of our creation.

He knew that such a difficult time in our lives would arise that is why God gave Him to us to help us.

The Bible calls Him a comforter, a teacher, a helper, and a friend. I know it sounds cliche.

We are often distant from God because we’ve been disappointed by people so much that it has become our reality.

The Holy Spirit has always been in our corner, but we have ignored His assistance because we already have our backup plans.

1.2 Study The Word Of God and Confess It

The Spirit alone gives eternal life. Human effort accomplishes nothing. And the very words I have spoken to you are spirit and life.


The word of God works and it produces results and I have proof! I remember putting all my savings into an investment.

Within a short time, the company had financial issues many people gave up on getting their money back.

I started confessing the scriptures over my finances every morning(even in transit).

By the mercies of God, I received at least 90% of my initial investment which I used to pay for a course.

Keep confessing the promises of God in whatever situation you find yourself (without any apology)

I’ll rather look crazy to people but sensible in God’s eyes.

Speak God’s Words until you see the results.

1.3 Seek Godly Counsel and Listen

In prayer, seek out believers in the faith who would pray with you and give you good counsel.

Please, any counsel that makes you lose your peace of mind. Beware!!!

Don’t let the devil lie to you that your problems are bigger than God. Your problems cannot be compared to what God can do.

So don’t be afraid! to talk with Him no matter how ridiculous you might sound. He is there to hold your hands.

1.4 Forgive yourself and Those Involved

Then He said to the disciples, “It is impossible that no offenses should come, but woe to him through whom they do come!

Luke 17:1 NKJV

Unforgiveness is a ‘bait’ of satan to keep us trapped in the same mess we are trying to escape.

In other words, we must make room in our hearts for other people’s shortcomings because we will be hurt by people one way or the other.

One of the best books on forgiveness is Bait of Satan by John Bevere can help you through the journey of healing from unforgiveness.

Know that inherent in every man is the ability to disappoint. In our frail state as humans, we need a compassionate savior.

I don’t know who might have caused you much pain.

Your refusal to forgive would only hurt you. (I’ve been there!)???

“But if you refuse to forgive others, your Father will not forgive your sins.”

Would you rather prefer that your prayers aren’t answered, and you lose your peace of mind?

As someone who has walked that path too many times, it is a horrible experience.

1.5 See Adversity Differently

God uses adversity to get rid of our pride or any behavior that displeases Him.

Have you ever made fun of someone else’s mistake only to do the same later?

Such experiences teach us how to be quiet and more compassionate.

God uses adversity to teach us compassion, and wisdom and even strengthen us for the next level.

Treasures inside of us are all revealed in the place of adversity.

If we are patient enough(really patient) we come out as pure gold, refined, and become a blessing to others as well. There is no waste in God(never).

How to trust God in difficult times

How Do You fully trust God?

The way to fully trust God is to look at His track record in your life. Has he ever promised and failed?

Have there been times when you gave up on a miracle and God still came through? When we take stock of our lives it helps us to be grateful.

Another way to fully trust God is to stop trying to fix people or issues without consulting him first. Studying God’s word is another way we can strengthen our faith in him.

It is the correct application of the Word of God that gives power. Let’s be patient in our walk with God even in adversity. I know it is not easy, but it is not by your strength.

You might have decided not to forgive your dad or someone you trusted that broke your heart. It is high time to turn that pain over to God.


Our faith in God is tested in adversity. It starts with having an intimate relationship with God if you don’t already have one.

How to Build A Relationship with God

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  1. Eseoluwafunmilola

    Thank you for this brilliant piece. Trusting God is never too much or too late. He is our Father and He will never fail us.

    Thank you once more

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